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Complete security portfolio

Synchronized Security gives you both breadth and depth of protection. Choose from a complete cybersecurity portfolio, including endpoint, firewall, Wi-Fi, mobile, email, and encryption. You can start wherever you like – for example, with Intercept X endpoint protection – and add more products as and when you are ready. No additional subscriptions needed

Cybersecurity Evolved

83% of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year. Why? Because cybercriminals connect multiple techniques in their advanced attacks, but most security products still work in isolation. It’s time to evolve.

Synchronized Security is the world’s first – and best – cybersecurity system. Endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents:

  • Isolate infected endpoints, blocking lateral movement
  • Restrict Wi-Fi for non-compliant mobile devices
  • Scan endpoints on detection of compromised mailboxes
  • Revoke encryption keys if a threat is detected
  • Identify all apps on the network

And with everything controlled through the Sophos Central cloud-based security platform, management is a breeze.

Reduce cyber risk

Automated incident response minimizes exposure to security threats, while cross-product data sharing reveals previously hidden risks.

Enhance cross-estate visibility

Get previously unseen insights into network traffic and users, while viewing and controlling all your security in one place.

Increase Return on Investment

Scale your security without scaling your resources by consolidating all your protection in a single cloud-based platform.

How to Get Synchronized Security

To enable Synchronized Security, all you need is two or more Sophos products that work together.

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