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Our Identity Is Securing Yours

Extended Validation (EV) certificates offer the ultimate level of brand protection by guarding your website against potential imposters and fully authenticating your company’s name. EV certificates are recommended by industry leaders and regulators worldwide and are the standard for the world’s largest and most trusted brands.

Encrypt online connections and protect sensitive data

Basic SSL

Get started with a secure foundation. All the certificates you need, backed by the industry's highest-rated support.

  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

Secure Site SSL

When security is your priority, this industry-favorite certificate now has all the trusted benefits of DigiCert Basic plus:

  • DigiCert Secured Seal
  • Priority Support & Validation
  • Blocklist Check

Secure Site Pro SSL

Zero compromise certificates that offer complete, pro-grade security beyond encryption. It's Secure Site plus a lot more:

  • Certificate Transparency (CT) Log Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Blocklist Check
  • PQC Toolkit

Upgrade to Digicert's Secure Site for priority support and validation

DigiCert Secure Site combines the best of everything DigiCert has to offer: award-winning priority support, faster validation, DigiCert Secured site seal, our award-winning certificate management platform, and additional benefits.

Encrypt sensitive data

Activate HTTPS and the lock icon

Comply with PCI standards

Prove legitimacy

Strengthen brand identity

Increase SEO rank

TLS/SSL for businesses who refuse to compromise

Protect your website against known and future threats with the most comprehensive solutions

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