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A New Approach to IT Security

Protect computer systems from theft or damage to hardware and software and from misdirection of services

Application security

Prevent gaps in the security policy of an application or the underlying system

Cloud Security

Protect data, applications and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing

Data Security

Protect data from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users

Endpoint Protection

Protect computer networks from the vulnerabilities introduced by a user's bridged device

Fraud Protection

Detect financial fraud using data analysis

Mobile Security

Secure a mobile device or mobile computing environment
IBM Solutions

IBM® Security solutions are built on a framework that spans hardware, software and services. These capabilities comprise of a comprehensive and robust set of tools and best practices designed to help address security issues that affect businesses today:

Intelligence: Through a common and intuitive view that combines deep analytics with real-time security intelligence.

Integration: Through unifying existing tools and infrastructures with new forms of defense in order to reduce complexity and lower the cost of maintaining a strong security posture.

Expertise: Through a more proactive and trusted source of truth in order to stay ahead of emerging threats and risks.

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